About Westwood

We are a small Montessori nursery, providing a real home from home experience for your child.

We provide a safe, calm, secure and happy environment that is prepared with children at its heart. In this environment your child can explore, learn and develop at their own pace. This unique Montessori environment will promote your child’s natural motivations to independently learn and explore. They are supported and guided through their day by adults with a full understanding of the Montessori method.

This child-centred approach is underpinned by the Montessori curriculum that will help your child to find their full potential whilst on their journey of self-discovery and will aid them in becoming a balanced, well-mannered and confident individual.

Our Promise to You:

  • To provide a safe, secure and happy environment for your child.
  • To lead your child to the joy of learning and self-discovery.
  • To observe your child as an individual and to help them to find their own potential.
  • To provide a wide and varied day, incorporating a full learning programme.
  • To allow freedom of movement during the learning activities and to provide physical exercise both indoors and outdoors.
  • To encourage creativity in art, craft and musical expression.
  • To encourage self-discipline, caring for others and social interaction.
  • To promote independence and care of the immediate environment.

We want to help your child become a balanced, well-mannered and confident individual, who through the Montessori education system will have a flying start at their next school and for life.

Key Person

Your child will be allocated a key person when they come to

Westwood, who will help you and your child settle into the routines at preschool, to help you both feel safe and  secure at that crucial time of separation.

Child’s Progress

It is very important that we work together to support your child’s learning experience. We individually plan for your child on a termly basis and use this information to construct an ongoing learning journey using our educational record keeping system, observational records of your child’s progress and achievements whilst they are with us.

The system allows us to plan individually for your child and produce a clear visual record of the activities which have captured their interest. As a parent, you can log in to the and view pictures and observations which have been recorded for your child.

Partnership with parents

We have an open door policy and welcome you at any time to share in our nursery day.

We hold coffee mornings, mini concerts, fun days and school trips for you to share in your child’s experience.

We provide regular weekly updates on preschool activities through our online education portal and private Facebook group, sending out regular bulletins to keep you up to date with important information.