Learning Environments

Each of our carefully prepared environments have a high number of teachers who are loving, nurturing, and rigorously trained in child development and the Montessori approach to create peaceful, supportive and safe environments for all children. It is within these spaces that children’s natural passion for wonder, curiosity, exploration, independence, and discovery come alive

When it is time for children to transition into a new environment with more appropriate materials, you will notice this change to be effortless and seamless as each classroom instils the skills of independence, patience, and respect.

Our setting, our environments and our curriculum allow for children to transition throughout the nursery when they are ready and is not solely based upon a child’s age. Teachers’ observation strengths allow us to quickly identify the needs of the growing child and can support them to move around the setting when their need arises.

Nursery room

Known as the ‘Nido’  or ‘Nest’ in English the Montessori nursery is a  place of warmth, comfort, safety, and security for the very youngest of children. From 6 months old, children experience a calming, soft and fun environment in which they are nurtured through their first 2 and half years as they discover their personalities, their physical person and how to socialise. Experienced caring adults encourage, cuddle, laugh and cry with your child making their time very special.  There is a separate sleep room for the children to rest when they need to, in a quiet and cosy space with warm lighting and calming sounds. They have direct access into a garden specifically designed for them, it is accessible via a ramp so those who are crawling and shuffling can access the area independently too.
Your child will develop their skills to support their journey to independence and a love of learning. It a “yes” space—where the youngest child can safely explore absolutely everything.   Activities help promote movement, emotional and language development.

Pre-school room

This is a place where your child can feel at home and work with interest at their own desired and natural space. Children have complete access to specifically designed wide range of resources that foster their inquisitiveness, independence, learning and development. The teaching opportunities will allow your child to absorb information about the wider world and develop the skills they need to support their every day lives. The children enjoy thinking and learning critically using specialist Montessori equipment that enhances their learning of math, literacy, science and more. They have the freedom to choose their own activities using their own initiative and to follow their individual needs, supporting their desire for independence and learning.

We are proud of the Community the environment creates, as children are in a mixed age range, collaborate between rooms and learn from each other, where older children are role models to those younger than them, as well as the adults around them.  Your child will learn to cooperate with children of different ages, respect and celebrate each other’s cultures, efforts, and take care of themselves, others, and their environment. The classroom becomes a thriving community where children are treated with respect and dignity and where they learn to treat others with respect and dignity.